Andrew Larrick
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Vital statistics
Portrayed By Lee Tergesen
Occupation(s) US Navy S.E.A.L
Status Deceased
Episode Count 8
First Appearance Behind The Red Door
Last Seen Echo
Images of Andrew Larrick

Andrew Larrick was a KGB informer that featured prominently in season 2.  He was initially the prime candidate in the murder of Emmett and Leanne Connors after it is revealed he was one of their informants. The character is played by Lee Tergesen[1].

Background Edit

First referenced in A Little Night Music, he served as a special operative in Vietnam in the 1970s and is now a Naval officer who teaches at the Naval War College at Annapolis.  Emmett and Leanne had been blackmailing Larrick for the last three and a half years. Claudia originally believes he is the only informant of Emmett and Leanne’s who would be capable of murdering them and their daughter.

Behind The Red Door is the first episode Larrick appears in[2].  Elizabeth and Phillip originally make contact with him under the guise of being CIA security, using Larrick’s Navy file which they obtained from Brad Mullin in the previous episode.  When confronted with the idea of him being Emmett and Leanne’s killer he denies being the murderer, though he does confess to wanting to have done it and had been tracking Emmett and Leanne down in the hope of finding their home address.

Blackmail Edit

Andrew Larrick’s homosexuality would have had considerable weight when used as leverage against him by the KGB.  In 1982 the Department of Defense issued a policy stating that "Homosexuality is incompatible with military service."[3]  Any disclosure of Larrick’s homosexuality would have seen him stripped of his security clearance, and his discharge from the Navy.  Larrick’s desire to remain in the Navy appears to be his sole motivation for maintaining contact with the KGB.

Known intelligence that Larrick passed on includes:

  • Reconnaissance reports on Central America
  • Communication codes for multiple on-ship systems
  • Security protocols at naval bases including Little Creek, Groton, Patuxant River
  • The location of, and access codes to, the Martial Eagle training camp.

Martial Eagle Edit

Larrick was heavily involved in the Navy SEAL’s covert action across South America, specifically the Martial Eagle operation.  Martial Eagle was part of the United States’ efforts to undermine the Soviet-friendly pro-Communist Sandinista revolution of Nicaragua via the use of covertly trained Contra rebels.  As one of the senior instructors of the program, Larrick provides Elizabeth and Phillip with their access onto the camp where two Contra field commanders are undergoing training on US soil.  

After the accidental deaths of non-targets on the camp when Phillip’s cover is blown, Larrick begins his campaign against the Soviets upon his return from Nicaragua on leave.

Personality Edit

Andrew Larrick appears a strong, principled Navy veteran.  He shows open disdain for the Soviets - referring to them as “you people”, telling Phillip and Elizabeth that “the Russians are gonna take it left, right and sideways for the next 20 years”.

His betrayal of his country and his “brothers” in the Martial Eagle camp disaster are his motivation for going after the KGB and turning himself in.  When he has Elizabeth and Phillip handcuffed in Echo, he tells them he “doesn’t care what happens to him anymore.”

He frequently refers to his desire for his involvement with the KGB to stop and how he “didn’t start any of this.”

Campaign Against KGB Edit

Andrew Larrick is responsible for the death of Lucia at his home after her failed attempt to torture and kill him during New Car.  Larrick shoots her with her own dart gun and then presents her to Elizabeth in a “my freedom for her life” deal.  After Lucia attempts to stab Larrick with a corkscrew as he is untying her, he begins choking her, forcing Elizabeth to choose.  Elizabeth lowers her gun and watches Lucia choke to death.

As part of his pursuit against the KGB, Larrick traces a clandestine call centre operated by George.  Larrick kills George and uses the KGB’s switchboard to trace Kate, who meets a similar fate once Larrick has found the codebook in her apartment.  

During Echo Larrick kills Jared Connors during a struggle that also results in his own death after trying to turn Phillip and Elizabeth into the authorities.


References Edit


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