A Little Night Music
The Americans - Episode 2.04 - A Little Night Music - Promotional Photos (4)

Air Date March 19, 2014
Directed By Lodge Kerrigan
Written By Stephen Schiff
Previous Episode The Walk In
Next Episode The Deal
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A Little Night Music is the fourth episode of Season Two of The Americans on FX, and the seventeenth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

The Jennings are tasked with turning Anton Baklanov, a defector from the Soviet Union whose research is key to helping the U.S. develop stealth technology. They realize he won't be turned and are then assigned to exfiltrate him by force. Meanwhile, Claudia tells the Jennings that Andrew Larrick is her primary suspect in the Connors' murders. Elizabeth tries to get his file through a naval recruit.

Meanwhile, fallout from Vlad's death may affect Agent Gaad's job; Oleg's family influence gets him a higher security clearance; and Paige's new friend Kelly takes her to a church function.

Plot Edit

Philip follows Anton Baklanov, a Refusenik who escaped from the Soviet Union. His mission is to see if he can turn him, but he quickly realizes Baklanov would rather die than betray his new homeland. The Center orders them to abduct Baklanov and exfiltrate him by force. Philip discovers Baklanov has a mistress and that he's going to meet her soon. Philip and Elizabeth try to grab him as he leaves her house, but are attacked by two foreign agents. In the fight that develops, they manage to capture one agent, while the other escapes with Baklanov. Claudia meets with Philip and Elizabeth and tells them the Center isn't interested in finding out who murdered the Connors. She suspects Andrew Larrick, since he was being blackmailed by the KGB, and she thinks Brad Mullin, a young naval recruit, might be the key to learning more about him. She meets him at a music store, and pretends to be interested in classical music. Mullin is just about to listen to Mozart's "A Little Night Music" and she asks if she can join him. They end up in a hotel room, but Elizabeth pulls back at the last minute and tells him she's been raped and is not yet ready for intimacy.

She later meets Mullin again and tells him Larrick raped her, but the Navy is stonewalling the investigation and claiming he was on-duty at the time. He promises to get her Larrick's file, but when they meet again, he tells her he was too scared to do it. She convinces him with sex. The House and Senate Intelligence committees open an inquiry into Vlad's murder. Gaad gets sidelined and Jim Halliwell is brought in to head the counter-intelligence unit.

Stan confides in Philip that he's having an affair, but tells him it's with a married woman.

Oleg pulls his connections to get higher security clearance. Arkady warns Nina that Oleg now has access to her reports, detailing her meetings with Stan. Oleg later catches up with Nina and tells her he's very impressed with her efforts for the motherland.

Martha wants to have a 'lazy morning' with Clark, but he gets upset at her for talking on the phone with her mother and storms out. She later starts to fill the our her job application. She calls Philip to discuss what to write under marital status. When she can't reach him, she decides she'll tell the FBI the truth.

Paige's new friend, Kelli, takes her to a church youth group. She tries to hide from her parents the fact that she's reading the Bible, which makes them upset at her. Philip and Elizabeth are very unhappy with her new religiosity.

Notes Edit


Song Title Performer(s)
I Melt with You Modern English
Eine kleine Nachtmusik W.A. Mozart
Beer Bar Blues Lloyd Conger
This Little Light of Mine Guy Carawan


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